Your summer adventure!

The Alpin Arena Senales is open daily from 10 am to 4.30 pm.

Summer highlight: Cabrio-Adventure with the new glacier cable car, an adventure you won't soon forget!


Nothing stops your adventure. The road LS3 Schnalstal Valley is free and safe to drive on every day from 6 am to 9 pm!


Summer holiday in the Alps

Experiences at Alpin Arena Senales

Blooming mountain meadows, tinkling cowbells, a gentle breeze, and unobstructed views as far as the horizon - is this what you imagine your summer holiday in the Alps to be like?
The rustic Val Senales is one of the few places that has retained its original charm; in the Alpin Arena Senales, you can experience a South Tyrolean summer just as it might have been a hundred years ago, plus a few welcome comforts.


Adventure on the mountain

Why are you drawn to the heights? Is it the feeling of freedom you get when walking? The curiosity to see what's around the next corner? The joy of achieving a fitness goal? Or something completely different?
Val Senales is the ideal stage for your mountain adventures, whether you prefer to be on two feet or two wheels, comfortably around the valley floor or high up on rock and eternal ice. If required, the Glacier Cable Car will bring you to the top in no time. It has been completely renovated and reopened in December 2023. Highlight: the new panoramic cabrio platform on top of the cabin for an extra spectacular view. However, the fastest and most exciting descent awaits you when mountain go karting.
Exercise in the mountains is not only fun, but also extremely healthy for bones and muscles, the cardiovascular and immune system, as well as the psyche.

Unmediated nature experience

Whether you prefer to go hiking, mountain biking or climbing in the Alps - you will be surrounded by fresh alpine meadows, mysterious forests, mighty rocks, picturesque mountain lakes and glistening ice. Consciously take some time to let the impressions sink in: pause, breathe in and out deeply and slowly. Can you hear the wind blowing over the grass and the little stream gurgling? Can you see the bee moving peacefully from flower to flower? Can you smell the resin on the trees? Can you feel the mountain sun warming your skin? 
A load of new sensory impressions awaits you at every altitude; a treat for body, mind and soul, a relaxing break from the stress of everyday life in the city.

There's no sin on the mountains

That's right, because on our Alpine glacier you will only be served nutritious, healthy, and locally sourced food – not to mention that it also tastes amazing! The hosts in our rustic mountain huts use regional, fresh ingredients and prepare them according to traditional recipes to create the ideal refreshment for hikers, bikers, climbers, and adventurers of all ages. Settle down on the sunny terrace, eat to your heart's content and take a little nap before continuing your journey. 
Do you fancy some luscious cheese dumplings, a savoury goulash, or a typical South Tyrolean cold cuts platter on the go? Taste your way through our culinary world and be surprised by the flavours of South Tyrolean mountain cuisine!

Authentic alpine way of life

We say ‘Schnols über olls’ (“Val Senales above everything”) with pride. This is because we value and continue our way of life and the traditions that have grown and been nurtured over the centuries. In the villages of Val Senales, we still live and work very close to and with nature, whether as farmers in the fields or as innkeepers in the kitchen. You can join us on guided hiking tours in the Alps in summer and easy climbing tours, on a guided tour of the former Carthusian monastery of Allerengelberg, on the Ötzi Glacier Tour, undoubtedly a highlight of your walking holiday in the Alps in summer, or at the various village festivals, where music, food and drink provide the best entertainment. A particularly anticipated highlight every year is the Transhumance, an Intangible Cultural Heritage: at the end of the summer season, up to 4,000 sheep return from their summer pasture in the Austrian Ötztal valley across the glacier and the national border back to Vernago and Maso Corto - and you can be there live and accompany the sheep on their last portion of the journey!

Deep sleep high up

Hiking in the Alps in summer may keep you fit, but at the end of the day you'll also be pleasantly tired. If you are embarking on a multi-day adventure in Val Senales, we have already thought of a cosy place for you to sleep: down in the valley, the Smart Hotel Firn offers unbeatable value for money. For those who want to spend the night high above the clouds, there is the Glacier Hotel Grawand, the highest hotel in Europe, at 3,212 metres. And those who like to bring their own ‘house’ will love the Caravan Park Senales in Maso Corto, right at the start of the most beautiful routes for a walking holiday in the Alps in summer. 
What do they all have in common? The fact that you will sleep more deeply and restfully than ever in the cool, clean air of South Tyrolean summer. This way, you'll be well prepared for your next adventure on your summer holiday the Alps!


Do you want to embark on an Italian Alps summer holiday? To get out into nature, savour delicious food and get to know life in a real Alpine valley? Then visit us on the most beautiful Alpine glacier!



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