Your summer adventure!

The Alpin Arena Senales is open daily from 10 am to 4.30 pm.

Summer highlight: Cabrio-Adventure with the new glacier cable car, an adventure you won't soon forget!



Of memories, anticipation and a thirst for adventure

Dive with us into the world of the Alpin Arena Senales. Your next adventure is just a few words away ...

What is the transhumance in Italy?

The air is already noticeably cooler on the Val Senales Glacier in September. But the many thousand warmly wrapped sheep crossing the glacier don't seem to mind. Fascinated hikers line the edge of the path, watching the cheerful trotting and listening to the jingling of the many bells. But what is actually happening here?

The new cabrio cable car in the italian Alps

I was really surprised when they started to dismantle the entire cable car in Val Senales, Italy, last summer to put up a completely new lift. I don't normally pay much attention to what they're doing down there - I prefer to fly around high above them undisturbed. But I find it fascinating how technological progress is bringing the habitats of humans and us eagles ever closer together. Cable cars up the mountains are just one way for people to take to the skies.

Summer holiday in the Alps

Blooming mountain meadows, tinkling cowbells, a gentle breeze, and unobstructed views as far as the horizon - is this what you imagine your summer holiday in the Alps to be like? The rustic Val Senales is one of the few places that has retained its original charm; in the Alpin Arena Senales, you can experience a South Tyrolean summer just as it might have been a hundred years ago, plus a few welcome comforts.

Glacier hiking in the Italian Alps

Val Senales can no longer really be described as an insider tip - the idyllic side valley of the Venosta Valley in the west of South Tyrol in northern Italy attracts countless visitors every summer. And yet it has retained its unmistakable flair: unspoilt nature, warm hospitality and a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere characterise one of the most beautiful areas for hiking in the Italian Alps. Hiking in Val Senales is particularly popular in the warmer months of the year. When the temperatures become mild even on the glacier and the meadows blossom at lower altitudes, we lace up our boots and set off on an adventure! An adventure that appeals to all the senses...


For the first time in 35 years, the Italian Alpine Skiing Championships will be held in South Tyrol, including here in Val Senales - in the Alpin Arena Senales. The Italian Championships in the giant slalom and slalom disciplines will be held on the Lazaun slope from 3 to 6 April 2024. Come and see how the national titles are fought for on the Lazaun slope.

Events at Teufelsegg

This winter, lots of events are taking place at the Teufelsegg Hut. Amazing bands and DJs await you at 2,444m, surrounded by dreamy snow-covered mountain peaks.