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Straight to the adventure: Hiking tours in Val Senales in South Tyrol

In the Alpin Arena Senales you can easily become a summit hero. A few steps from the mountain station of the glacier cable car, a staircase leads to what is probably the most easily conquered three-thousand-metre peak in the world. Many hiking tours in Val Senales start in Kurzras and lead to bubbling streams, sparse larch forests and the eternal ice. Get your adventure!


8km - 4.00 h - 1.400 hm - medium

The trail starts at the Glacier Hotel Grawand at 3,212 metres above sea level. Once you reached the top with the glacier cable car, it is worth taking a detour to the "Iceman Ötzi Peak" viewing platform before the actual hike. Afterwards, the trail leads past the panorama restaurant of the Glacier Hotel Grawand.
After a 35-minute walk, hikers reach the glacier lake. From there, the trail continues to the "Bella Vista" refuge - at 2,845 metres above sea level. Below the hut terrace along the Plattensteig trail, the path continues downwards into the wide cirque. At the turnoff to the Palla Bianca, continue towards the valley along the secured 'Hüttenweg' trail. Finally, you pass a sparse larch forest and return to the valley floor near Maso Corto - at 2,011 meters.


6,2 km - 2.00 h - 430 hm - simple

The hike to the Lazaun plateau begins at Maso Corto, from where you follow the signs to the Langgrub valley. After passing a copper column indicating a cupola, the path leads alongside a stream into the valley. If you follow trail no. 11A, you climb over slopes to the inviting plateau. Once at the top, you should take some time to explore the landscape and, above all, enjoy the view. Out of consideration for the high moor, use the marked paths. Afterwards, the Lazaun Hut is a good place to stop for a bite to eat. The descent leads through a stone pine forest down into the valley. Alternatively, hikers can also reach the valley comfortably with the cablecar. Alternative for the descent: Mountaincarts


1,8 km - 3.30 h - 410 hm - medium difficult

Attention climbing freaks: Since June there is the new via ferrata "Larix" (Latin for larch) and the parallel adventure hiking trail "Alpin Trail" in Maso Corto. The two trails cross at several points and so families, for example, can start together, some via the action-packed via ferrata and others via the challenging hiking trail.


2 km - 1.30 h - 400 hm - easy

A hike along the irrigation channel is ideal for the whole family. The route is pleasant and undemanding, follows the course of the water and allows you to explore nature and its beauty. This irrigation ditch is probably
as old as the Kurzhof in Maso Corto, which was first mentioned in a document dating back to around 300 A.D. and was managed by local farm labourers for more than 700 years. Furthermore, the canal was rehabilitated in 2021 and today presents itself in all its splendour.