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The Alpin Arena Senales is open!

The Lazaun cable car is open from 1st July to 3rd October and the Roter Kofel chairlift until 10th September. The Glacier Cable Car is closed until December due to construction work.

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Construction Diary

Follow step by step the reconstruction of the glacier cable car

On 17th April the renovation & modernisation work of the glacier cable car incl. mountain & valley station have started, the opening of the glacier cable car is scheduled for the 23th of December.

Stay up to date and follow the construction progress here:


Delivery support rope

On Wednesday 20th September, the support rope for the new glacier cable car was delivered by a special transporter. At the valley station, the 2,610-metre-long and 43-tonne rope was brought to the ground.



The new GLACIER CABLE CAR SUPPORT Closer than ever!

It's fascinating how big the support really is and how many different screws⚙ and parts are used for it🛠. Thank`s to the company Moosmair!



Construction of the glacier cable car support

Construction of the glacier cable car support began on 22 August. It's amazing what happens in just over a week! 
Despite the prevailing conditions due to the fresh snow, work continues diligently!



Renovation of the valley station

The components for the new cable car have been delivered and some have already been mounted. Construction company Oberhofer from Senales started work on the cash desk and offices at the end of August.



Renovation of the mountain station

Work is also going on diligently at the mountain station. The road under the glacier cable car has been widened, a crane has been erected and the roof has been removed.



Old cable car pillar removed

In the last few days, the old cable car pillar was removed step by step and transported down into the valley by the material ropeway.



1 metre every 25 seconds

With the cable pulling machine in the picture, the heavy support rope was pulled 1 metre upwards to the mountain station every 25 seconds.



Dismantling support cable

These days, the 2,159-metre long support cables (54 mm thick) and the hauling and safety cables are being dismantled.



Crane transport

On 6th June, the single crane elements were transported up to the support by means of a material ropeway from the company MOOSMAIR GmbH.



Old gondolas removed

On 11th May, the company Funimont removed the gondolas. Despite the difficult weather conditions, this was accomplished without delay.



Status Quo

After the cabins and technical elements had been replaced several times, a general revision was now due. For this reason, we've decided to build a newer and more modern cable car incl. valley station. The opening is planned for the beginning of December 2023.



It all began in 1975

After technically difficult and complex construction work, the Glacier Cable Car was ceremoniously opened on 12th July 1975. The foundation stone for today's new construction was laid at that time.