International Ski Association rules for the winter sports enthusiast, to ensure safety on the slopes.

  • Respect for Others: all skiers must act in a way in which they do not endanger or hurt others.
  • Control of Speed and Skiing: a skier must adapt their speed and way of skiing to their personal ability and to the prevailing conditions of snow, terrain and weather.
  • Control of Direction: a skier coming from above must take a direction or path which assures the safety of skiers below.
  • Overtaking: it is permitted to overtake a skier on either side, providing you leave sufficient room.
  • Crossing the Slope: a skier who wishes to enter or cross a ski slope must ensure that they do so without endangering others.
  • Stopping: never stop in constricted areas or places with poor visibility. In the event of a fall, move to the side as soon as possible.
  • Climbing: a climbing skier or pedestrian must keep to the edge of the slope.
  • Respect for signals: skiers must obey all signs.
  • Conduct at Accidents: at an accident, it is everyone’s duty to assist.
  • Proof of Identification: witnesses must show identification and establish their identity if a report of an accident is required.