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... is still going until December 1st and choose who will be the winner of the best line!!! There are still additional money € 500,00 !!! and a brand new Go Pro 3 Hero waiting for the winner.

Check the 8 clips and be judge.

Jib the line - Ranking

Pricegiving at the "Platzl" of Maso Corto
Pricegiving at Maso Corto
1. #8 Gruber Simon
2. #15 Rakovec Ziga
3. #67 Bergamaschi Andrea

1. #50 Anna Rumiha
2. #31 Adja Kovacova

A great day on the glacier Val Senales came to an end. With perfect snow conditions for a high-level contest, almost every 35 drivers presented at the end a smile on each face. Infact, just the snowpark was very adored by lots. The guys from F-Tech were able again, to surprise all with a fabulous snowpark and a world-class contest setup.

The setup of the competition was consisted of four structures: donkey rail, down rail uptube, tunk. 40 minutes "jam session" already showed, who could make it to the finals to win the prize. During the finals changed the weather too, but this had no major inflow on the race or to the participants. The drivers fought to the end and Simon Gruber, a local rider, managed to win the rail contest in Val Senales. Second was the slovenian, Ziga Rakovec, from the International Nitro team,  followed by Andrea Bergamaschi.
The Croatian, Ana Rumiha, won before the Slovakian, Adja Kovacova.

Overall was it a beautiful day with great people, top riders, lots of sunshine and a wonderful BBQ on the glacier.

Rookie Rumble 2012

Gentlemensrider Nitro Snowpark Valley
Fun at the Rookie Rumble
On Saturday, 03.03.2012 took the "Rookie Rumble" in the Gentlemenrider's Nitro Snowpark in Val Senales place.

We are pleased to announce now the winners of this year:

Results lists:
1st place: Daniel Crepaz
2nd place: Simon Seehauser
3rd place: Florian Puintner

Florian Puintner (540 ° inverted)

We thank all sponsors, volunteers and participants!
See you next time!

Season 2011 - 2012

Nitro Snowpark Italia - Val Senales Events 2011 /2012The winter season is almost upon us and the F-Tech crew is working hard. There are several innovations planned for 2011/2012, first at all you may have noticed a change in the name of the park. Yes we are happy to present our new partnership with Fiat Freestyle Team. They will support us during the season in Val Senales next to Nitro Snowboards, Smith Optics and
The park also will take several changes, we are looking forward to the end of October for a new pro rail and jib line with 8 new tables. Don’t be afraid for the opening days, because during the weekend of 8 October, you can warm up and train again to ride your board on a super fun easy line. More and more of the structures will be build till the Big Opening scheduled for October 29. Don't miss the first test of materials this season from October 14 to 16, all major companies will set up the usual tests at the “test village” on the glacier.

Top for Snowboarding - Parks and Pipes

Top for Snowboarding - Ski resort Val Senales in ItalyThe ski resort Schnalstal has been presented with the Top for Snowboarders, Parks and Pipes Award by, the largest ski resort test portal in the world. The ski resort achieved with the Gentlemenriders Nitro Snowpark a top rating in the category "Snowboarders, Parks and Pipes" with 5 out of 5 possible stars in the test from the 2010/2011 season.

Informations Val Senales


Phone +39 0473 679148
Fax +39 0473 679177

Ski Resort
Phone +39 0473 662171
Fax +39 0473 662117


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