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Monte Santa Caterina - 1.245 m

After the tight canyon at the entrance to the valley, above which Castle Juval lies – the home of the world-famous extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner – the valley widens and you will see the chapel of the village of Monte Santa Caterina on your right. At km 8, you will come to the exit to Monte Santa Caterina. The chapel is like a signpost for the village. Once upon a time, this rocky hill was crowned with the castle of the ‚Lords von Schnals‘. A pub restaurant nearby still carries its name: ’Schnalsburg’. Originally, there was only a hamlet consisting of a handful of farmhouses and the chapel. Since the building of the exit road in 1970, the hamlet grew into a village.
Beside some private houses, you will also find a number of tourist structures. Not only the inhabitants, but also our guests enjoy life in the village: the mild climate, lots of sun, stillness, wonderful hiking routes with direct access to the Meran mountain road in the Texel Group Nature Park, as well as some picturesque views into the valley and over the mountains.

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