The Oetzi Glacier Tour starts from the upper Val Senales Valley cable car station, over the Hochjochferner glacier and up to the discovery place of the Ice Mummy Oetzi on the Tisenjoch mountain area (3200 meters above sea level). Every Tuesday from mid-June until April, experienced mountain guides accompany Alpine hikers through the fascinating landscape of the Oetztal Alps. This one-day round trip following the footsteps of the “Ice Man” is offered as a mountain hike during the summer and a ski tour in the winter and spring.


The total walking time is about seven to eight hours. Participants are required to have a good level of conditioning and sure footing. Alpine mountain experience is not needed.

The price for the Oezti Glacier Tour is 100.00 Euros per person, with a minimum of 4 participants. Upon request only, the tour can also be booked for 3 people at a price of 120.00 Euros per person. For more information and reservations prior to 2:00 PM with a minimum of one day’s notice, please call +39 0473 679148.